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Hello, thanks for stopping by! When it comes to counselling it’s important to find someone who is good fit for you. I may or may not be that person! Learning a bit about me might help you figure this out or reaching out to share what you are looking for might also help. I am okay not being the right fit, what is important is that you get what you need out of counselling; I can always make suggestions for other people who might be more suited to what you are looking for!

Malaya Alexander Poiesis Counselling and Consulting

About Me.

I am a registered social worker (MSW) having spent much of my professional life supporting children, youth, and young women in various capacities including mental health counselling, program facilitation; community development; crisis and trauma response; and child and family advocacy. I am passionate about supporting people as they try to find hope and healing in the dark spaces of their lives. I believe that people hold an incredible capacity for healing and deserve support and guidance along the way. My hope is that I can be one of those supports. I work hard to listen and respond thoughtfully and non-judgementally. Creating a safe environment is really important to me and I am happy to hear from clients about what I can do to help create this. I bring expertise to sessions but also recognize that you are the expert on your own life and healing. I am here to witness and support you while providing guidance when needed. I am a creative thinker, enjoy connecting people to resources, and talking about how our personal experiences relate to society as a whole. I try to be approachable and like to throw in a bit of humour to my work when I can.

Areas of Practice


  • Children and Youth

  • Adult Women

  • Immigrant and Refugees


  • Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault

  • Self Harm

  • Exposure to Violence

  • Trauma & Crisis Response

  • Creative Arts based therapy

May take clients outside of these areas if my experience and expertise can serve them effectively.

Professional Accountability

I am a Registered Social Worker (Licence # 4242) with a Masters Degree and Bachelors Degree in Social Work. As a Registered Social Worker I am bound by the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. 

As part of upholding these, I am committed to furthering my learning and maintaining professional accountability through regular clinical supervision and ongoing professional development.

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Contact Us


830 Dufferin Avenue,

Saskatoon SK.

S7H 0J9




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